Networked Ritual - e-Tears of War and Healing

Shared Memories of a Disembodied Mobile Phone
HOT WATER — Water, Peace & War, Waterwheel, 2015 
Online  exhibition
  curator: Alberto Vazquez
Text@Dr Lila Moore 
Remembering a history of war and terrorism, the Argentina artist, networked activist and Waterwheel's curator Alberto Vazquez (RIP), was quick to grasp the subtle and fragile nuances in the video e-Tears of War and Healing. This refers in particular to the central image of a reflection of a mobile phone's logo floating on a pool in a shopping centre during war. People, like Vazquez who remember the atmosphere of war zones, are likely to notice the sudden change in everything that lives and breathes around them during war. The phone, very often, becomes the only connector not only between people who are afraid to lose one another, but between the dimensions of life and death. Will it ring again? Who will be on the other side of the invisible line of the call? Will it be a call of death? And, what lies between the phone and the mobile callers? Is there a noetic field or a 'morphic field' of wars that the phone is interlinked with in a disembodied sense? And when the phone itself disintegrates, becomes fully disembodied, its memory disc destroyed, can it be compared to a brain that stopped functioning and as a result its memories also vanished? Or, is there something left in the invisible connection fields that once linked the callers, like shared noetic memories of war and healing?
Morphic fields


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